Socially responsible,
ethical and compliant

Social responsibility

Code of Ethics

Almirall is committed to operate ethically and in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to the industry. Our conduct is guided by respect for these applicable laws and regulations, fairness, integrity, and transparency. Everyone who works for Almirall, either as an employee or through a business partnership, must comply with the standards contained in the Code of Ethics.

What will you find in the document?

  • Almirall’s Commitment: Our responsibilities
  • Our Team: Respecting each other
  • Our Company: Protecting company assets
  • Our Stakeholders: Playing by the rules
  • Serving the Community and Society: Our social and environmental commitment

Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy

At Almirall, we are fully committed to conducting business in an ethical and honest manner, implementing and enforcing systems to ensure the prevention of bribery and corruption. This Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy responds to the need to confirm the aforementioned commitment and establishes the common principles to which the company has voluntarily adhered regarding Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption rules, as well as the corresponding standard common practices.

SpeakUp! Channel

At Almirall, we believe acting with integrity is everyone's responsibility. This includes reporting anything believed to be unethical or illegal. We encourage anyone (including employees, business partners, customers, consumers and others) to report any conduct known or believed to be in violation of Allmirall policies, guidelines or applicable law using the confidential SpeakUp! channel.

You can access SpeakUp! from any web browser, mobile phone, tablet, or similar by using the following link:

If you prefer to share your concern via the automated telephone system, please call 1-833-211-3671. You will need to reference company code 25672 when prompted.

Adverse Events

To report an adverse event, side effect, or product complaint, call or email:

Medical Affairs and Customer Relations
Phone: 1-866-665-2782
Fax: 510-595-8183